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5 Large cap gave 20% last 1 year
Updated on 21 Sept 2016
If you are planning to start a systematic investment plan or SIP, chances are you are split between midcap or largecap funds. Midcap funds look attractive, going by their recent outperformance, but many fund managers are advising investors to bet on largecap funds for better returns.

In the last one year, many midcap funds have managed to beat the benchmark equity index by a wide margin. Mutual funds offered by HDFC Mutual Fund, DSP Blackrock Mutual Fund, Mirae Asset Mutual Fund, Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund and Kotak Mutual Fund have delivered absolute returns of over 20 per cent in last one year as shown in below chart.

On a three-year basis, these funds have delivered an annualised return of about 40 per cent. The rally has been swift in the midcap space, which brings most fund managers to the conclusion that if investors are planning to start SIPs, then they should go for largecap funds.

The midcap index has risen over 2 per cent over the last one month and about 15 per cent in last three months. The smallcap index, on the other hand, has risen about 4 per cent in the last one month.

With midcap stocks trading at a high valuation premium over the benchmark equity indices, CLSA advises taking a cautious approach on midcaps and advises investors to go only for those midcap stocks which have earnings visibility.