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Tata Large Cap Fund: A consistent outperformer
11 July 2016
How has the fund performed?
The fund has comfortably beaten both its benchmark and peers over the past decade. With a 10-year return of 12.82%, the fund has comfortably outperformed the benchmark index (9.53%) and the category (average return: 10.8%).

Yearly performance(%): The fund has maintained a fairly consistent track record over the years.
Date of launch: 7 May 1998
Category: Equity
Type: Large Cap
Average AUM: Rs 797.10 cr
Benchmark: S&P BSE Sensex Index

Growth option: Rs 167.49
Dividend option: Rs 43.23
Minimum investment: Rs 5000
Minimum SIP amount: Rs 500 Expense ratio^(%): 2.67
Exit load: 1% for redemption within 365 days
*As on 5 July 2016 ^As on 31 March 2016
This funds runs a pure large-cap mandate compared to many peers in its category that have a sizeable mid-cap exposure. It is focused on growth-oriented, quality businesses that are high on capital efficiency with high return ratios. Though a large-cap offering, it is not a closet index fund and the fund manager is comfortable placing large bets outside its benchmark.

He also backs his high conviction bets with large active positions to drive outperformance. It’s pure large-cap tilt and quality consciousness prevents it from capturing market upside as well as some of its peers but ensures that the fund does much better during bad times. Investors looking for a dependable pure large-cap play should consider this fund.