Junior Nifty Stocks for Intraday Trading
                        Top 4 Bullish Jr. Nifty Stocks
             Top 4 Bearish Jr. Nifty Stocks
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To become successful day trader you need to have complete market knowledge and appropriate experience.

There is no 100% successful day trading formula because market daily reacts to lots of external factors like American market, Asian market, European market, news announcement etc. So markets are beyond anybody’s control.

Nifty Stocks for Intraday Trading -
The below list shows the stocks which are part of Nifty Index.
Nifty Index consists of 50 stocks and Sensex Index consists of 30 stocks.
R = Resistance = After breaking this level further upside is expected.
S = Support = After breaking this level further downside is expected.

Please dont proceed for trading without following these techniques

Techniques - Trader has to follow certain techniques, to trade on following Resistance and Support levels. to know the techniques please visit at

Junior Nifty Stocks for Intraday Trading -
The below list shows the stocks which are part of Nifty Index.
Junior Nifty Index consists of 50 stocks.

R = Resistance = After breaking this level further upside is expected.
S = Support = After breaking this level further downside is expected.
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