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How to become a day trader in India



We receive a lot of emails to know how to become a successful day trader in India or how to start doing day trading and some for tips.

In this Section, I have written the real truth of day trading and not any hyped information about day trading. I am in the stock market for 13 years and spent a whole lot of time in day trading – learning technical analysis, strategies, techniques, money management, using trading software and so on.

During my initial days I lost a lot of money and after going through various learning I started earning. My intention is newcomers should not lose money but in fact, they should be aware of how day trading works and after gaining all knowledge and information they should successfully start day trading.

I feel to admit openly that day trading is not for everyone and importantly if you are looking to make quick money based on tips then there are high chances that you may lose all your money.  If you would like to Day trade following any tips without any knowledge and market information then it will be totally gambling and you know the end result of gambling.

On the other side, it is very much possible to become successful day trader provided you are willing to learn and spend a couple of months in share market to gain knowledge about share market and to learn all that is required to become a successful trader.

One simple principle of day trading If you are willing to wait for an opportunity (and not panic or hurry) and not fall for agreed then you can easily learn day trading and become a successful day trader. Day trading is to buy or short sell right stock at right time and book profit (which is very important in day trading) at right time forgetting greed.

In the following day trading learning, I have explained all practically day trading information which will help you to decide how to start day trading and earn good money.

 Topics to learn and become successful Day trader

1) Newcomers to day trading

2) Do people really make money in day trading

3) Introduction to Day trading

4) How to do paper trading practice

5) Practical ways of starting day trading

6) How to calculate brokerage & taxes in trading

7)  Top four Principle of successful day trading

8) How to select stocks for day trading

9) What is the right time and approach doing day trading

10) 8 Points day trader should follow

11) How to take profits in day trading

12) Top 10 best day trading strategies

13 How Technical analysis works in day trading – coming soon

14) Very important – How to Avoid losses in day trading

15)  How to Trade with Support and Resistance

16) What is Margin Trading and how to use it for day trading

17) News affecting stocks and how to make use of it

18) Top 10-day trading techniques for successful day trader


19) How to Earn 10 percent profit in a month

20) What is required for Day Trading?

21) Top 6-day trading rules


After learning above all, you can follow these tips

Daily – Four stocks for day trading