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updated on 24 Jan 2018
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5 stocks that helped Nifty’s run from 10,000 to 11,000
5 stocks that helped Nifty’s run from 10,000 to 11,000
Nifty charted the 1,000-point journey to 11,000 from10,000 in a little under six months.

Majorly five stocks contributed major gain towards this rally.
CMP: Rs 3,102.00 1 Year change (%): 34.48

Tata Consultancy Services has surged 22 per cent in the last six months, partly aided by renewed buying in IT stocks.

CMP: Rs 1,951.30 1 Year change (%): 56.77

HDFC Bank, which is regarded as the benchmark for profitability in the Indian banking industry, has remained investors' favorite due to consistency in earnings.

CMP: Rs 983.25 1 Year change (%): 93.57

The launch of the telecom business Jio boosted the stock's prospects in 2017, making it one of the top contributors to the rally in the benchmark index. Edelweiss, which has a target price of Rs 1,174 on the stock, said successful execution of Reliance Jio has boosted its confidence in the venture.

CMP: Rs 9,393.40 1 Year change (%): 64.80

India's biggest carmaker Maruti Suzuki India has been a preferred bet due to its dominant position. Its stock even hit the five figure mark recently. Brokerages expect the stock to continue doing well

CMP: Rs 207.35 1 Year change (%): 3.73

Rise in crude oil prices have helped the stock in recent months.