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13 July 2016
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Multibagger returns for you over 10 years
The S&P BSE Sensex more than doubled investor wealth in the last 10 years and the next 10 years look even more exciting considering the way the government has been pushing through its reform agenda and the growth prospects that can turn many midcaps into largecap stocks.

Historical data showed as many as 270 stocks from the S&P BSE 500 index more than doubled investor wealth in last 10 years. As many as 68 of them became 1000-bagger, generating returns in excess of 1,000 per cent during the same period.

Symphony stands out a clear 1,000-bagger, rising as much as 24,181 per cent during this period, followed by Caplin Points which surged 16,634 per cent, and Relaxo Footwear which gained 17,131 per cent.

But the stocks that performed in last 10 years might not repeat that performance over the next 10 year. One thing required to make a portfolio of multibagger stocks is time. Investors should give time to their portfolio and hold positions in quality stocks, say experts.