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updated on 23 Mar 2018
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Sensex in downtrend, Should you stop or start?
Sensex in downtrend, Should you stop or start?
Markets have corrected from all time high - Jan 2018
Nifty was at 11,170 in Jan 2018 but currently it is below 10,000.

Lot of people are asking whether to stop SIP in Mutual fund and on the other side some people are asking whether can we wait for market to recover to start an SIP?

Some people are skeptic whether to start investing now or wait for market correction to over.
The basic and very simple principle to invest in stock market is to buy good stocks when their prices are low. That's it.

If current market correction or downtrend is giving you an opportunity to buy such stocks then pick them or else you can buy in smaller number and keep adding if the stock price falls more.

The same principle applies to mutual fund as well. If the NAV (net asset value) is lower than you will get more units.

So whenever the market is correcting or moving in downward direction then don't stop mutual fund SIP neither stop buying stocks. But in fact this is golden opportunity to pick good stocks at lower price and also to get more mutual fund units as lower NAV.

But in fact some experts suggest adding more NAV (do lumpsum investment) in SIP whenever market goes into downtrend or in correction mode.
The following are few stocks that corrected with Nifty and Sensex but have good fundamentals and are likely to rebound once market starts recovering.
On the other side there are few mutual funds which are worth to start SIP or do lump sum investment
To reduce risk, investor can choose mix of mutual funds like large cap, mid cap and small cap.