Updated on 8 Aug 2016
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Stocks that have given 1000% returns in one year
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Earning money in share maket  requires appropriate knowledge and experience, so it is highly advisable to gain adequate knowledge before start trading and investing in share market.
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If you are planning to get good returns then bank fixed deposit then money should be invested in stocks or mutual funds.
It is true that Indian markets have rallied most in last few months but for investors willing to stay investment for one to two years need not have to worry.

For the next year, India looks poised to grow exponentially in terms of economic growth, especially with the goods & services tax (GST) in sight. Equity markets always reflect the state of the nation's economy.

So if India is growing at a decent pace, which is one of the fastest in the world, equity markets will not be far behind.
Currently Indian markets are trading at slightly higher valuations than the long-term averages. But if the earnings growth momentum continues, monsoon is above normal and the government sticks to its GST timeline, equity as an asset class can still deliver decent returns

If the investor is new to stock market and don’t want to take much risk then the safest way to venture into equity markets is definitely via mutual funds (MFs). But if investors are looking to take direct exposure to equities, then largecap stocks do look safe bets after the recent correction. Worth to take a look at Nifty top 10 Quality stocks - here

There are about 83 stocks in BSE that gave up to 1,000 per cent return in last one year.

Stocks that generated about 2,000 per cent return on BSE include names like Mahadushi International Trade, Upper Ganges, Pearl Agriculture, PS IT infra and Dwarikesh Sugar.
Stocks that have more than doubled investor wealth in the S&P BSE500 index include stocks such as Manappuram Finance, GHCL, Balrampur Chini, 8K Miles, SpiceJet, Dalmia Cement, Godfrey Philips, SREI Infrastructure and Minda Industries.

Stocks that have more than doubled investor wealth
Stocks that have provided 1000% returns in one year