Stocks with high EPS and their returns
Updated on 28 July 2017
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Most of the bluechip names have high EPS and a double digit PE ratio has given good returns in the last one year. A steady rise in EPS is a positive factor for a stock. A company’s PE should be compared with its respective peer group to make out if the stock is overvalued or undervalued.

Companies which have more than doubled investors’ wealth in the last one year with high EPS include names like MRF, Rasoi, Vardhman, Polson, and Borosil Glass. Maruti Suzuki gave over 70 percent return so far in the year currently has an EPS of Rs 248. The following table shows the list of other such stocks.
Investors should understand that company’s earnings and growth in earnings are the main drivers of the stock price. However, there are other things which impact the price.

EPS is also one of the prime parameters to examine a stock valuation. Any investment into stock should be supported by fundamental factors which come after carrying out proper analysis and timely evaluation, suggest experts.