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We would like to mention that our website is designed in very friendly and in very easy sentences and words so that everyone should understand the investing and trading in share market. We have also mentioned very easy and practical trading and investing methods and its benefits so that these methods can be successfully applied in share market to get good returns. is an organizational entity involved in providing free Service and information related to following.
Share Market
Best investment and trading knowledge in share market, helping to get fundamental, investing and trading knowledge and to be self reliable in Indian share market and get good returns.

Mutual Funds
Guidance to choose best and top Mutual funds based on individual risks and requirements. Making to understand different types of mutual funds, different themes of mutual funds, points to consider while selecting mutual funds etc.

Future Derivatives
Helping to select high returns future derivatives in short span of time, trading based on technical analysis and charts, how to analyze overall market situation and take the trading positions accordingly.

IPO (Initial Public Offer)
Advice and Suggestion for investment in IPO’s based on company research and analysis.

Options and Bonds
We aim to provide Basic and advanced learning of options trading and all trading techniques and strategies about options.
Helping investors to invest in appropriate bonds and get maximum benefit from them.

Assistance in Other financial instruments
Guidance about Investment in various other instruments like PPF, Bank fixed deposits, NPS, corporate fixed deposits, recurring deposits, other safe investments etc.
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Our Mission is to help each and every person, interested to be part of financial sector, and enrich his/her knowledge in investing and trading, technical capabilities and motivate them to do extremely well as a sound investor and trader. Free of cost.

Our Goals/Aim
To create a world-class learning locality and provide the best free advice and make sure total satisfaction for each and every investor and trader. Free of cost.

Our Motto/Slogan
Struggle determinedly for continuous improvement of our website and quality of content and provide advice in order to benefit and increase the confidence level in each and every investor in India and around the globe. Free of cost.

Our website is written and designed to target for all new comers and experienced traders and investors who want to excel further where sky is the limit.
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Earning money in share maket  requires appropriate knowledge and experience, so it is highly advisable to gain adequate knowledge before start trading and investing in share market.
The information provided on this website is for educational purpose and not to be considered as investing or trading advice.
The investment and trading has to be done on sole discretion and or any person related to this site Should not be held responsible for the outcome.
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