Benefits of exercise ball chair

Various studies and researches have proved that sitting at one place for long hours is creating chronic pains like back, neck and shoulder pain. Sitting in office desk chairs have adverse affects, especially for a prolonged period of time.
In addition to various body aches sitting at one location reduces metabolism and low metabolism is one the reason for overweight and obese. Overweight and obese leads to blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack etc.

This section is to make you understand the benefits of sitting on exercise ball chair instead of office desk chair. Moving your body is very important and exercise ball chair helps in this case. 

In following section we will discuss the benefits of using Exercise ball desk chair instead of tradition office chair with research data.

1) An exercise ball chair improve your circulation. Just by sitting on an exercise ball chair, your body instinctively works to correct your balance, constantly working your muscles to keep you from falling off. This gives your whole emphatic system a work out. Sitting for long periods of time is dangerous to your health. We all want to live for a long time with good health. Unlike a chair where you just sit, an exercise ball chair encourages you to change position, most of the time you won’t even be aware of your body changing position.

2) An exercise ball will help you feel more energetic. Science has proven staying stationary in one position for hours will make you feel more tired. Small active movements throughout your working day sitting on an exercise ball chair will remove fatigue and help you feel more energized.

3) An exercise ball chair is really cheap. A good ergonomic office chair are very costly like Herman Miller ergonomic chairs. A good, specialized exercise ball like Gaiam and Isokinetics cost you a fraction of this. Lot of people says these are a lot of fun, brings out the big kid in you!

4) An exercise ball chair site provides more information and also promotes fitness at your desk. You don’t need to go to the gym to do many workouts or stretches as you can do these while sitting at your desk. Waiting on an email or stuck on hold on the phone endlessly… no problem. You can do little side stretches, forward stretches, lower back stretches and more, resulting in increased flexibility and better health.

5) This is what Isokinetics, the makers of the chair, say about it:
Your body, when positioned on top of an exercise ball, is constantly making small adjustments, often imperceptible, to remain balanced and thus is constantly exercising a large group of muscles in doing so. By strengthening your body's core muscle group you help improve your posture, have better balance and guard against back injuries.

6) Increases your metabolism
Increasing your metabolism doesn’t have to be a task.  You can do so by doing low impact exercises on exercise ball chair. It’s easy calorie burning.  Imagine being able to burn additional fat while you are typing your next email.
Aside from losing weight, a high metabolism during work helps with that carb coma after eating that big plate of spaghetti for lunch. 

A high metabolism can help give you that rejuvenated feeling.  I’m not proposing that a exercise  ball chair at work is your cure all, it’s not, but it should be an arsenal in your healthy office or home office lifestyle.

To conclude, try an exercise ball chair for your office and also at home. 
It has many benefits, as I really think our office cubicles and home furniture are going to
change in the next couple years.

If not for the ergonomic and health benefits, these chairs are affordable, and can be found at
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