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The Indian market is expected to open flat-to-higher on Friday tracking muted trend seen in other Asian markets.

After a stunning rally in the global equity market over the past two days, stocks collectively took a breather ahead of the weekend. US Stocks traded range bound overnight weighed down by an abrupt halt to the rally in oil prices, which failed to hold on to the crucial $50 mark. The Dow Jones ended 23.22 points lower.

The most awaited speech since the US Federal Reserve's FOMC meeting way back in April, the Fed chief will speak at Massachusetts on Friday night as investors look on for clues to a rate hike.
Power Grid: The state-run company posted a 13.2 per cent jump in standalone net profit at Rs 1,599.05 crore for the March quarter on higher revenues from power transmission business.

Jet Airways: Jet Airways posted its first annual net profit after eight years and its fourth straight quarterly net profit helped by lower fuel expenses and its own cost control measures.

ONGC: Oil and Natural Gas Corporation's fourth quarter profit jumped 12% mainly on reversal of impairment loss as well as lower provisioning for dry wells.

Deepak Fertilisers: The company reported a 5 per cent decline in net profit at Rs 25.92 crore for the fourth quarter of 2015-16 financial year.

SBI - State Bank of India is going to post Q4 results today.
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Learn and then Earn
Earning money in share maket  requires appropriate knowledge and experience, so it is highly advisable to gain adequate knowledge before start trading and investing in share market.
Welcome to Indian Share Market
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10 best strategies for day trading
Strategies for day trading are essential to make consistent profits in share market. So we will look into top 10 best day trading strategies so that every trader can make good profit.

Some tip to remember -

Calculating your trading profit on monthly basis and not on daily basis, because every day is not a trading day as stock markets are volatile in nature so you can’t do trading every day and also it is not possible to make profits on daily basis. Sometimes you have to accept loss and come out of the trade. So keep a log of all trading and calculate your profits at the end of the month. This will help you to gain confidence and make your trading strong.
The following are Top 10 best strategies in day trading to make consistent money.
1. Trading based on news -
Simple and best strategy to make money in day trading is just follow news. Keep close watch on news and trade on those stocks. This is one the best strategy to make good money. - News that came out after market or during market hours.

News that came after market will have impact on their stock market in tomorrow’s trading session. Best way is to watch news is any financial news television. If you understand how to interpret the news then you will understand how to make good profit in day trading. Again for this you need experience so spend some time in market and stock or company news.

2. Second important strategy is trade on top positive gainers and losers.
Stocks which are in either top positive gainers or in losers section are already in news so it will be easy to do trading on these stocks. You need to watch the buying and selling volumes and take the trading decision. You can also note yesterdays top gainers and losers and trade in today’s market, because most of the time it has been seen that yesterdays top gaining stocks fall into today’s market due to profit booking and yesterday’s top loser would also gain some points in today’s trading. Trader need to keep watch and then trade.

We daily post Top NSE Gainers and Losers after closing market at Top gainers and losers
You can even look for other online resources for live realtime gainers and losers OR this facility would be in your trading terminal.

3. Third important strategy is trading on exceptional stocks.
Exceptional stocks means, Stocks coming under upper circuit category, lower circuit category and stocks gained with huge support of volumes etc. you can also watch particular trading patterns like stocks gaining for last 3 days or last 7 days and trade on them.

These stocks are already into some effect and that is the reason either they are gaining or losing. You can easily jump into such stocks and make money. You can also make a note of such stocks from yesterday’s markets and trade in today’s market.

We daily post Stocks under upper circuit and lower circuit after closing market at upper and lower circuit
We daily post Stocks gained with huge support of volumes after closing market
We daily post Stocks gaining and losing for last 3 days after closing market
We daily post Stocks gaining and losing for last 7 days after closing market
You can even look for other online resources for live realtime updates OR this facility would be in your trading terminal.
4. Don’t rely on technical analysis and technical indicators for day trading.
This is our experience. Because this requires skills and knowledge to implement so why not make profit into stocks which are already gaining and losing in the market.  Also, in day trading, market and stock movements are mostly based on lot of international and domestic factors and these are beyond anybody’s control so in our analysis technical analysis very rarely work.
5. Trading without margin amount.
If you want to save yourself from losses then trade without using margin amount. Trade only using your money, till you become highly skilled and experienced, because if you use margin amount (provided by broker) then you have to sell off your trade before market closes irrespective of whether your trade is in profit or loss. If you don’t use margin amount then you can take delivery of stocks and sell tomorrow if the price goes up. Check your broker how it works in your trader terminal.

6. If you are new to day trading then don’t blindly trade on tips.
Learn paper trading practice and if you get success then slowly move to day trading and start trading with very low amount which you can afford to lose.
7. Important events to make good money
There are some important events during which the trader can make very good money without any efforts. The requirement is only your knowledge and it comes after spending some time with such events. One of the best and very sure such events to make money in day trading is during quarterly results.

Some events like-
a) Quarterly results - These are scheduled.
b) Elections results
c) Monthly Inflation numbers
d) Any mergers, acquisitions, take over news of the company, any stake sale news and so on.
Such news are always running on the financial television news channel.
Quarter results - Every listed company in BSE and NSE announce quarterly performance/results and during this period the stock prices are bond to react to results. There are four quarters during every financial year.
Q1 - For April to June - Results will be declared in July
Q2 - For July to Sept - Results will be declared in Oct
Q3 - For Oct to Dec - Results will be declared in Jan
Q4 - For Jan to Mar - Results will be declared in April
8. Avoid three emotions through paper trading practice.
If you want to make money in day trading then you should avoid three emotions - Greed, Impatience and Fear and to avoid these emotions you need to practice day trading through paper trading practice. Once you get success in paper trading practice then you can start trading with your actual money. With these emotions it is very difficult to make money in day trading.

9. Trade with stop loss.
As we mentioned earlier, it is not possible to make profit from every trade so it is highly possible that some of your days or trades may go into losses and to limit these losses you need to place stop loss order.

Example - If you bought Sun pharma for Rs 650 expecting the stock price will go to Rs  653 and you will book profit but due to sudden change in market direction or stock price direction if stock price start moving down then to limit your losses you need to place your stop loss order. You can talk to your broker about the steps of placing the stop loss order.
10. Trade with small profits and if possible do multiple traders.
This is Very important strategy to make money in day trading. Most of the people fail in day trading and end up doing big losses is they expect big profits for every single trade.

Example - IF you buy the BPCL for Rs 600 and expecting to take profit of Rs 10 then it would be highly difficult. So to generate consist profits and to avoid losses, look for Rs 3 as profit in this trade. For Rs 100stock price look for 0.50 paisa profit, for Rs 200 stock price look for Rs 1 profit and so on in its multiples. If you apply this strategy then you can easily get the profit and you can come out of the trade very fast and wait for other new order. Read how to take small profit and end up your month with big profits.