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Why are we recommending Zeroda Broker ?
-  Unlimited Stock investments (stock delivery trades) are now FREE at Zerodha. No strings
Rs 20 flat for intraday trading (day trading) and F&O (futures and options).
-  Trading tools like - Kite, Quant and PI
-  5 lakh + Happy Fellow Traders & Investors
2014 CII Emerging Entrepreneur Award
2015, 2014 BSE / D&B Emerging Brokerage Award
Hand crafted Trading tools
How to start ?
- Fully automated online signup, the easiest and quickest method to open an account - START HERE
- The application wizard quickly collects your personal details and automatically Completes.
New web trading application has been getting for its super simple user interface, integrated trading and reporting (Q/Quant) platform, brilliant charting, intuitive search and filters, lightning fast trading, and more.

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PI -Desktop trading platform
- Advanced Charting
- Algos, Strategies and back testing
- Pattern recognition
- Historical data
- Expert advisors
- Artifical intelligence and genetic algorithms
- and much more
Quant - A financial behavioural analysis and visualisation tool
One of the best ways to improve your probability of winning while trading is by learning from your own trading history. Like they say, ”those who forget the history, are most likely going to repeat it”, a mistake often committed by traders. This could be either because of no access to tools/technology or not  knowing the importance of learning from your past.

Quant algos will go back in your trading history and intuitively depict things like, what was your trading size at which you made most profits, any pattern with time in terms of your profitability, did you make profit by trading with the trend or against, your most profitable scrips, and a lot more.

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Traders, “Q” is our new reporting/backoffice tool built to be your next generation -trading journal and financial assistant. Summary of your account shown using a donut chart   Funds page to place/track withdrawal requests,   Portfolio to track and much more.

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