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Companies with HIGH PE ratio
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Top 20 companies with HIGH PE ratio
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updated on 17 Mar 2019
Basically HIGH PE ratio stocks are considered as Growth stocks and these stocks are associated with high-quality, successful companies whose earnings are expected to continue growing at an above-average rate relative to the market.

Growth stocks generally have high price-to-earnings (P/E) ratios and high price-to-book ratios.

The market participants often places a high value on growth stocks; therefore, growth stock investors also may see these stocks as having great worth and may be willing to pay more to own shares.

Investors who purchase growth stocks receive returns from future capital appreciation (the difference between the amount paid for a stock and its current value), rather than dividends. Although dividends are sometimes paid to shareholders of growth stocks, it has historically been more common for growth companies to reinvest retained earnings in capital projects.

Recently, however, because of tax-law changes lowering the tax rate on corporate dividends, even growth companies have been offering dividends.

Growth stocks are less prone for market fluctuations and provide stable returns year after year.
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