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Companies with LOW PE ratio
Low PE stocks are considered as VALUE STOCKS. At times, growth stocks may be seen as expensive and overvalued, which is why some investors may prefer value stocks, which are considered undervalued by the market.

Value stocks are those that tend to trade at a lower price relative to their fundamentals (including dividends, earnings, and sales). Value stocks generally have good fundamentals, but they may have fallen out of favor in the market and are considered bargain priced compared with their competitors.

They may have prices that are below the stocksí historic levels or may be associated with new companies that arenít recognized by investors. Itís possible that these companies have been affected by some problem that raises some concerns about their long-term prospects.

Value investing is different from investing in growth stocks, and involves picking out shares that are priced below their intrinsic value.
Top 20 companies with LOW PE ratio
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Important note - Though price-to-earnings (PE) and price-to-book value (PBV) ratios are favourite tools of value investors. But a low PE or PBV alone does not guarantee a value stock. Many PSU banks, high debt companies and real estate companies are trading below their book value but necessarily they do not become a value stock for investment.

Below companies are filtered by the stock price having Rs 50.

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