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The Indian market is expected to open flat-to-higher on Friday tracking muted trend seen in other Asian markets.

After a stunning rally in the global equity market over the past two days, stocks collectively took a breather ahead of the weekend. US Stocks traded range bound overnight weighed down by an abrupt halt to the rally in oil prices, which failed to hold on to the crucial $50 mark. The Dow Jones ended 23.22 points lower.

The most awaited speech since the US Federal Reserve's FOMC meeting way back in April, the Fed chief will speak at Massachusetts on Friday night as investors look on for clues to a rate hike.
Power Grid: The state-run company posted a 13.2 per cent jump in standalone net profit at Rs 1,599.05 crore for the March quarter on higher revenues from power transmission business.

Jet Airways: Jet Airways posted its first annual net profit after eight years and its fourth straight quarterly net profit helped by lower fuel expenses and its own cost control measures.

ONGC: Oil and Natural Gas Corporation's fourth quarter profit jumped 12% mainly on reversal of impairment loss as well as lower provisioning for dry wells.

Deepak Fertilisers: The company reported a 5 per cent decline in net profit at Rs 25.92 crore for the fourth quarter of 2015-16 financial year.

SBI - State Bank of India is going to post Q4 results today.
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Learn and then Earn
Earning money in share maket  requires appropriate knowledge and experience, so it is highly advisable to gain adequate knowledge before start trading and investing in share market.
Welcome to Indian Share Market
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Do people really make money through trading in stock market?
how to make money in day trading
The answer to this question is YES, but the percentage is very less.

Why very few people make money in trading in stock market and rest all fail and quit stock market.

We often get emails asking how to do trading and make a living and importantly we get all these emails from new comers or beginners to stock market who wants to make quick money without learning or gaining knowledge.

So question is now how you will make money in trading or in any field without knowledge or experience?
People expecting to trade or make money purely on tips also fail miserably because market movement or stock prices movement are very uncertain as they are based on various domestic and international factors and these are beyond anybody’s control so gauging the stock price direction without any knowledge and experience will be fatal.

And this is one the major reason for money not getting success in day trading or trading and they quit stock market.
So in short a person who gathers knowledge, after spending some time in stock market, and learns to interpret news including both domestic and international and gets hands on experience by doing paper trading practice will be able to make money consistently through trading in stock market.

Trading is not so difficult if you spend some time with market, its related news, stock prices and company news but it is very difficult if you are beginner or new comer stock market.
Three simple steps to become successful day trader in Indian
stock market

1. Do paper trading practice
2. Learn top 10 day trading strategies
3. Follow top 6 rules of day trading

How to target making money through trading on daily basis?
We recommend targeting very small amount in day trading to start
Even Rs 200 to Rs 500 is fine you have just started trading after all
learning and experience.
We suggest taking small profits and doing multiple trades . Read how to
achieve this

If you can any questions then you can write to us