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The Indian market is expected to open flat-to-higher on Friday tracking muted trend seen in other Asian markets.

After a stunning rally in the global equity market over the past two days, stocks collectively took a breather ahead of the weekend. US Stocks traded range bound overnight weighed down by an abrupt halt to the rally in oil prices, which failed to hold on to the crucial $50 mark. The Dow Jones ended 23.22 points lower.

The most awaited speech since the US Federal Reserve's FOMC meeting way back in April, the Fed chief will speak at Massachusetts on Friday night as investors look on for clues to a rate hike.
Power Grid: The state-run company posted a 13.2 per cent jump in standalone net profit at Rs 1,599.05 crore for the March quarter on higher revenues from power transmission business.

Jet Airways: Jet Airways posted its first annual net profit after eight years and its fourth straight quarterly net profit helped by lower fuel expenses and its own cost control measures.

ONGC: Oil and Natural Gas Corporation's fourth quarter profit jumped 12% mainly on reversal of impairment loss as well as lower provisioning for dry wells.

Deepak Fertilisers: The company reported a 5 per cent decline in net profit at Rs 25.92 crore for the fourth quarter of 2015-16 financial year.

SBI - State Bank of India is going to post Q4 results today.
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Learn and then Earn
Earning money in share maket  requires appropriate knowledge and experience, so it is highly advisable to gain adequate knowledge before start trading and investing in share market.
Welcome to Indian Share Market
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Successful Practical ways of doing day trading
Steps for beginners to do successful day trading
• Analyze, Wait, Watch and then Trade
• Act accordingly
• Analyze specific share
• Wait
• Final step is to act and trade
Important note - Please make use of following two strategies in paper trading and once you feel confident generating profits then start with actual day trading.
Paper trading is very important to realize your strengths of doing day trading -Please visit how to start paper trading.

If you want to be successful day trader or short term trader then please remember following two important strategies.

Two Important strategies for successful day trading
1.  Analyze, Wait, Watch and then Trade
2. Small profit and multiple trades 
1. Analyze, Wait, Watch and then Trade
This sentence looks time consuming like analyze, wait, watch and then trade but when to do all this and they to get profit? Right..?

Answer is - For newcomers it may take an hour and for experienced trades it may takes seconds or minutes.

First analyze the market and then particular share - It is very important to know how Nifty is moving before start trading. It’s important if you are selecting share from Nifty index.

For example - If you choose share from Nifty Index and if you plan to buy and if Nifty index is going down then your share will not give you profit and vice versa.
We daily post Market direction and four stocks for day trading at this link - you can make use of this for trading

Our Indian market opening is based on Asian markets and most of the Asian markets respond to yesterday’s American markets closing.

Important two tips -
1) Watch top gainers and losers to make good and east returns in day trading. You can even make a list of yesterday’s top gainers and losers for today’s trading. Stocks either in top gainers or in top losers are news related stocks.

2) Watch for company specific news and pick their stock for trading. Good money is made if you trade on news specific stock.
Traders - Stock to Watch Today

Once you get the knowledge how the market is going to move (it is totally acceptable that it is not possible to judge it 100%
accurate but you should have at least 50 to 70% knowledge) then act accordingly. Always trade in the market direction.

In bullish trend, if market is moving up, then first buy and then sell shares. You can even buy futures and sell later ones share price goes up.
In bearish trend, if market is moving down, then first Short sell and then buy shares. You can even sell futures and buy later once share price goes down.

If market is moving in very narrow range , in other words if market is very volatile then don’t rush to trade, rather wait for right opportunity and then enter into trade. Also not to forget “Every day is not trading day” .

It is important to know the status of American markets because mostly it has been observed that based on American markets Asian markets open in the morning between 7 to 8.00 am and finally Indian markets open at 9:00 am and generally it is seen Indian markets open following these markets.

American indices are NASDAQ and DOW.
Important Asian markets are Nikkei, HangSeng, Taiwan etc

At 1.30 pm in the noon European markets open and mostly it has been observed that our Indian markets reacts to European markets opening. So it is beneficial if you keep watch on these markets as well.
Act accordingly

1.It is always profitable to act in accordance with the market direction and not against market direction.

2.If market is in green and continue its upward journey then you should plan to buy stocks and then sell them once the price goes up.

3.If market is in Red and continue its down trend then you should plan to short sell and then buy once the stock price goes down.

4.This will increase the chances of more success and more profitable because most of the time it has been observed that shares, especially those part of index, like Nifty and Sensex, also move in accordance with the market so it becomes easy to go with the flow and not against the flow.

5.Because everybody is buying and if you do short sell then definitely your trade will end up in loss and if market is falling and if you buy then also your trade will end up in loss.

6.Once you analyze the market now its turn to analyze the specific share.
Wait and Watch

- Wait and watch are two very important parameters which will decide to give you either a profit or loss so follow these two words very seriously.

Once you selected shares, either based on news or from top gainers and losers, then watch their direction and then take your trade. And now your action is to wait for the price movement.

We suggest to take small profits and do multiple trades in day trading or intraday trading. Please read how to do this.

We always recommend entering late in trade and taking small profit instead entering early and making losses. Don’t hurry to enter into trade because market is open for 5 hours and your first trade is important to make up your mood so if you do profit in first trade then definitely this will boost your confidence going forward. 
Suppose if you are not able to trade on any particular day then you should not worry just leave that day and try tomorrow, market will never stop it opens daily and closes daily.

Write down your experience in notebook and follow it.

Only trade when you are sure about the market and share direction or else leave the trading for that day.

“Please remember money saved is money earned.”

We are always keep reminding you to do paper trading practice because your money is hard earned and we don’t want you to lose it unnecessary. You came to our website to earn money and believe us that we are the happiest people to see your success.
Important point to note
Trading of shares is not important as it is only the buying and selling of shares and this can be done by anybody if you tell the share name, buying price and selling price then even a small boy, who can read the English, can do trading. The important steps towards successful trading is analyzing the market and share, and doing interpretation and then taking appropriate decision so that you end up in profit.

Calculate your profit on monthly basis because in day trading sometime you may end into profit as well as losses so it is better to count your profits or losses on monthly basis and see how you are doing.