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updated on 5 Dec 2016
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Stocks that rose up to 170% even in Events like cash ban, US election and Fed rate hike
While many of you spent sleepless nights for the past few weeks over who will win the ticket to White House, how a Trump presidency is going to affect Indian businesses and where the Modi government's demonetisation move will hit the economy most, some of your fellow investors actually made big bucks in the stock market.

Data showed 10 stocks from the BSE universe generated anywhere between 50 per cent and 170 per cent returns during the period that was marked by a lot of uncertainty and volatility globally.

As many as 33 stocks offered over 40 per cent return, 185 generated over 20 per cent, 344 in double-digits, data from corporate database Capitaline showed.
Shares of DCM Financial have risen 169 per cent in one month. This, despite the company having reported a 44.19 per cent drop in net profit at Rs 0.48 crore for the September quarter. The company reported no sales for the quarter.

Shares of PNB Gilts saw a 84.91 per cent spurt during the month. This company reported highest growth in quarterly sales and profit in September quarter ever since December quarter of 2008.

Ujaas Energy has risen 58 per cent in four weeks. The company reported a net profit of Rs 9.7 crore for the September quarter against Rs 3.3 crore in the year-ago period, which was ahead of analyst expectations.

Shares of Radha Madhav Corporation have surged 43 per cent in the past month. This stock saw some insider trades in late October and earlier this month.

Golden Capital, Cindrella Hotels, Gala Print and Rap Media are some of the stocks that have risen over 50 per cent during the period. Shiram EPC has risen 33 per cent during the period mentioned.