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Learn and then Earn
Earning money in share maket  requires appropriate knowledge and experience, so it is highly advisable to gain adequate knowledge before start trading and investing in share market.
How to select stocks for guaranteed success in day trading
The following are 7 successful methods to pick stocks for day trading in Indian share market
There are thousands of listed companies at NSE and at BSE. So all listed shares qualify for day trading? The answer is NO.

Then ….How to find shares which are suitable for day trading to make good profit?

For successful day trading high volumes and high price movement are important because it makes to book profit faster and also fast entry and exit from trades.

Also it is worth to read how to do multiple trades with small profits, this will ensure you to earn monthly profit regularly.
1) Daily stock picks based on News and technical analysis

We daily update specific shares which have certain news and are expected to move in either direction with good support of volumes, so such types of shares can be selected for day trading.
Please visit at Stock to Watch Today

2)Top volume surprises for perfect day trading - Visit this page

3) Positive hot shares
Shares made big gain due to some news - Visit this page

4) Negative Hot shares
Shares made big loss due to some news - Visit this page
5) Shares coming under Upper circuit and Lower Circuit - Visit this page 

6) Shares continuously gaining for last 3 and 7 days
Shares which are continuously closing in positive and negative for last 7 days are mentioned at below link.
These shares can be utilized for day trading only after analyzing their further direction.
The shares which have closed up in last 7 days may continue their journey or may enter into profit booking phase so traders should monitor them appropriately and then decide your trades.
For such type of shares please Go here

7) Shares making news highs and lows
Bullish stocks are making news and bearish stocks are making new lows. Such stocks are posted at this link
Don’t be Stock Lover
In day trading sometimes it is observed that traders do trading on specific stocks but this is not advisable and there are lot of changes for losses. If you want to get success in day trading then choose stocks that are in news .
How to make use of above stock selection method for day trading in indian share market

Important criteria
The day trading requires fast entry and exit from the trade so it has been observed that high priced shares provide good momentum to enter and exit as compared to low priced shares.
But after all it depends on individual trader’s study and logic, which share should be chosen for day trading.
So choose your day trading shares based on your own confidence and understanding of share movements.
It is very important to enter and exit fast from the trade because no one knows what is going to happen in next movement in share market.

Take small profits and do multiple trades.
To learn about this technique please Go here

Avoid over trading especially, if you are new comer to share market and to day trading
To read how to prevent high risk by avoiding margin trading please Go here

If you are looking for more information to do successful day trading then please visit our “Day trading section” on home page